How to Train Colleagues with Different Strengths
[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3]How to Train Colleagues with Different StrengthsA training tool on how to discover, develop and coach colleagues to make decisions based on varied strengths that would positively impact the business would be the Strength Finder Test 2.0.  This test would measure a colleague’s strengths as well as areas of opportunity. Every colleague has a variety of individual character qualities that are called talent themes. The outcome of utilizing these talent themes display a colleague’s tendency to develop certain ability’s or strengths more rapidly and have the sustainably to excel in various areas. In addition, the talent themes expose a colleague’s weaknesses, areas of opportunity or failure to maintain the capacity to be remain productive in other segments of the business.  In a nutshell the writers claim that by utilizing the Strength Finder 2.0, the company will be able to properly categorize the overall individual strengths of all colleagues in the business, which would allow management to reposition a colleague to a more appropriate positions.  This would possibly aid in the reduction of colleague fatigue, boost the morale of the team, increase group productivity and reduce turnover. There are 34 talent themes listed in Strength Finders 2.0 that are designed to categorize everyone on the team. Some of these themes that come to mind are; Analytical talent theme, these colleagues tend to be data driven and their main focus is to challenge others to prove it. “Show me why what you are claiming is true.” They like data because data in value free and it searches for patterns and connections.  Competition is a talent theme for colleagues who are rooted in and driven by comparison. Their performance is their ultimate yard stick. Regardless of how hard they try, regardless how worthy their intentions, if they reach their target goal but failed to outperform their peers their achievement feels hollow.  Focus is a talent theme for colleagues who are asking themselves “where am I headed?” These colleagues are destination minded. They believe in setting personal and professional goals that serve as compass helping to stay on course.  Input talent theme is for colleagues who inquisitive. They collect information, words, facts, books and quotations. They are even known to collect tangible objects such as ceramic whatnots, baseball cards, coins, stamps and many other things alike.  They store information and don’t like throwing things away.  There are many more talent themes describing the exceptional capabilities and strengths of different colleagues.It is also possible that after taking the strength finder test, a colleague can have dual strengths. For example, a colleague can be a communicator and also be commander. In addition, a colleague can have multiple talent themes. For example, a colleague can have ability’s such as deliberative, belief, consistency, developer and a maximizer. When colleagues take a strength finder test, the supervisor have to asses these talents and assign tasks to place these colleagues in areas where the colleague and the company can maximize their potential.

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