Tal Apparel Limited: Stepping up the Value Chain
TAL Apparel Limited: Stepping up the value chain
TAL Apparel Limited is the apparel manufacturing brand, based in Hong Kong, which is well-known among the apparel consumers in Asian regions. It is significant that the price war of the apparel retailing business in the Asian continents, especially in China as well as strategic challenges in the Western markets is the facts that the brand executives need to take into consideration. According to the case, it is critical that TAL Apparel Limiteds brand executives have considered that there is the need of the TAL Apparel Limiteds role to cope with the situation that is threated by the competitors.

TAL Apparel Limited is become the international apparel brand since the year 2001 after its executives expanded the brand into the global stage. It is crucial for the long term because the apparel is the basic need for the human beings in the world. After the brand penetrated into the larger markets by developing the IT applications to its garment manufacturing capacities, the operational system of the TAL Apparel Limited brand is started to use the technological advance since the year 1980s. Also, in the year 1999, the company had applied the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to enhance its customized production and marketing functions. Therefore, it is the starting stage for the development of the managerial operations of the brand since then.

In addition to this, it is obvious that the strategic planning and operation development is the significant mechanism for the sustainable development for the brand. Also, it is to foster the competitive force to drive the TAL Apparel Limited brand among its competitors in the international scale. Furthermore, the decentralization concept for each individual factory is also applied to empower the individual factory of the brand, which is to support the strategic

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