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Talk shows are on almost every channel we tune into, because people love to witness other people’s problems or secrets and this may impact the viewer to realize their problems aren’t that bad considering the people on T.V. What makes T.V. talk shows addicting is that there is always drama and some sort of “ambush” towards the guest which keeps the audience biting there nails to see what happens next. Everybody has issues of there own, but watching others problems can be an escape from the problems that we all consume. In ways talk shows should restrict what they display to the public because it can be hurtful to those who are on the show. Since talk shows have emerged rapidly and focused on the privacy of humans, producers should filter some of the behavior that causes people to feel humiliated, like rash out irrationally through violence, the need to add spicy twists to the show just for ratings, or simply to be degraded through the comments of negative audience members.

Producers carry the show on there shoulders because they are the ones who have to compose the structure of the show by increasing there ratings. In ways they will do anything possible to entertain the public even if it involves violence. A particular show that does display this is the Jerry Springer show which uses violence as the foundation of their show on a regular basis. For example, a sister had a 2 year relationship with her boyfriend and found out on the show that her boyfriend was cheating on her sister. When

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this secret was let out and her sister came onto the stage a bell rang out, like as if they were in a ring, and automatically both sisters headed for each other with fists in the air and the intentions of destroying one another’s face. All the while, the boyfriend is just standing there watching the two sisters fight over him. These acts of violence can be very disturbing because instead of trying to help people work out their problems, the show lets them rage in an uncontrollable manner. It can influence people who are watching the show to turn to the same actions because they figure it is the only way to solve issues. Juicy topics like these keep the audience on their toes and even more when the story becomes twisted.

What makes good ratings now a day’s? Plain and simple, dishonesty to those who are the innocent victims causes high ratings. Ambush talk shows are a very good example of very twisted topics such as, “I’m a hermaphrodite!” when a guest is driven there for a topic called, “ Fashion tips,” which makes them reliable for the humiliation they have to deal with on live television.

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