Sylvia Earle – Environmental Safety?
Even though Sylvia Earle was right about the ocean being fairly important for our lives, but stating that “Nothing else will matter if we fail to protect the ocean” is an inaccurate description of the current situation. This planet has been around for more than four billion years and has proven that it can adapt itself to any natural or unnatural event, so we should not waste our time on “trying to protect the ocean.” Contrary to what Earle said, we should devote more time towards topics that are more in our control and will have an immediate impact on our lives.

We definitely need to take care of our planet but to invest money and time into trying to protect the ocean is a preposterous idea. We can preserve the ocean by simply not polluting it or not intentionally causing harm, no more. That is a cheap easy and simple way to conserve the ocean for as long as humans are around. If we teach humans to respect the ocean the problem will naturally be resolved. Instead of trying to fix such a vast matter, we should focus on the more important things at hand. Millions of people around the world are dying because of starvation and unemployment, and we decide to put effort on trying to change something that is not currently proving to be a danger to anyone’s life? That sounds quite irrational to me.

Sylvia Earle stated that we should be more aware of what fish we consume from the ocean and what chemicals we put into the ocean. This information seems a little bit skewed, considering we have not had to stop fishing and have actually increased the amount of fish we take out of the ocean each year. This is basic population control that needs to be done just like when hunting season opens up to regulate deer population. We should

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