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Marketing Plan E. ChipEdward Keipert¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Marketing Management MKTU-605Executive summaryE Corporation is developing a new chip to incorporate into Wi-Fi router giving it the ability to amplify its single and provide consistent download speeds to 25 devices from a single source. Imagine having the ability to come home watch a movie while your son is playing online games with his friends. Your daughter is in the other room on YouTube streaming videos. While your wife is watching another movie in the other room. Doing all this without never losing a bit the signal strength and having your movie stop to stream. This is the audience that will be targeting it will be the home user, the small businesses and game enthusiasts. E corporations is well established and prepared to compete in the Wi-Fi router industry against corporations such as Links, Cisco, and Seagate. What will set apart E Corporation from all other Wi-Fi router manufacturing organizations. Is the new technology Chip incorporated into the routers that will provide the consistency in the download speed. Some of the risks involved in technology is a possibility of a competitor copying one software or components. E corporation is prepared to demonstrate that security measures installed with the new amplification system will greatly defeat its competitors. The marketing campaign that E corporations developed and prepared to launch the E Chip router. Will demonstrate the new technology and improvements on security measures in the networking world. E Corporation is greatly confident in the success of the router and the future of the organization.Current marketing situationInnovation DescriptionThe E Chip incorporated into the Wi-Fi router will provide a consistency of Internet speed over 25 connected devices off one router. As technology continues to advance the casing for the E router will be no bigger than a small cell phone. Giving it the convenience to be taken anywhere or even installed in cars, motorhomes, and boats. Giving the convenience of the smallness and being able to amplify any Internet signal that it receives will make the E Chip Router a great success. The E Chip will have the capability of taking 50 MB of home Internet speed. And distributing it amongst 25 devices maintaining the 50 MB through all the devices. A typical home has one Wi-Fi router distributing the signal through the home. With one router in the home and 50 MB of download speed and five devices connected to the router. The homes Internet speed distribution over your Wi-Fi reduces to 5 to 8 MB speed. This is the main reason that when individuals at home are streaming movies on several computers they stop to buffer. With the new E Chip router each device in the home will receive consistency a 50 MB up to 25 devices. The device will not only work for the home user to improve movie quality or gaming experience. It will also work for the home-based business given the capability of videoconferencing. While still working on multiple files on the Internet and not suffer a loss connection or delay of transmission a videoconference. “Todays Wi-Fi has evolved into not only a product; it has also become a communications service. For equipment manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and service providers, the race into the local Wi-Fi market has begun.” (Evertsen, 2007

Size of the Industry The wireless Association CTIA announced in December 2015 that there was 455.5M wireless customers in the world. This is a tremendous indication of growth from December 2004 when there was only 168.8M wireless customers. Currently the American household that depends completely on wireless service is about 50% of the United States. Over 48 million Americans depend on their mobile devices as an Internet access point. Industry Growth The wireless industry has shown 120% growth worldwide. The wireless industry is demonstrating no signs of slowing down and technology advancing as it is will simply grow the market worldwide. ¬†Between the years 2008 and 2018 CTIA predicted data growth of 450%. The industry doubled its growth between 2014 and 2015 with new calculations of growth by 2018 being a 700%. As the Internet continues to grow more company streaming movies, online gaming becoming more successful and company streaming music. The demand for more capable Wi-Fi router to handle the traffic will become greater. Key players¬†There are several major organizations already developing routers in the industry. Like Cisco, AT&T, Net Gear and Links. All these organizations provide routers to wireless companies and home users or businesses. The difference between the router we are providing is the electronic chip that can provide consistency speed to 25 devices. This is the key difference between all the routers giving the E Chip router the niche to push networking world forward. By developing this new technology will continuously improve on security measures, and the amplification of a secured signal. Improving on security software is what will push the E Chip router into the future. SWOT AnalysisA SWOT chart represents key information in the marketing development of a new product. By demonstrating the weaknesses, opportunities,threats as well as the strengths. This will provide the opportunities of developing a new product. The chart will be representing the threats from other organizations that are developing routers of their own and have the capabilities of competing with the E Chip router. ¬†Being able to analyze the chart the organization can develop strategies to improve on the marketing of the product. Such as studying the opportunities that the product will offer to the home or small business user. The opportunity to capitalize on growing markets in the networking industry. [pic 1]StrengthTechnologies main strength is the ability to always be improving and developing new markets for its products. The E Chip router will greatly benefit home-based businesses, home users, and small businesses. With continuing to improve on its technology the E Chip router will be able to handle larger organizations and provide better security.WeaknessesE Corporation being new to the Wi-Fi router industry distribution will be limited to the United States. As the company grows and gets approval from other countries on the networking regulations. The organization will then develop a new marketing campaign addressed to individual countries.OpportunitiesThe organization will have the opportunity with the new technology to quickly incorporate itself into the networking world. By doing so given the organization the opportunity to raise funds for new marketing campaigns. And the development of new software to improve security on the E Chip router. ThreatsEvery organization that works with technology faces the same threat of cyber espionage and its technology being stolen. The organization can also face lawsuits for copy infringement if any part of the router is similar to another one. An example of this would be Apple versus Samsung in their lawsuit over the design of Samsung phones. “That question is central to the long-running, billion-dollar litigation between Apple and Samsung over the assertion that Samsungs Galaxy and other smartphones are infringing on designs that Apple patented for its iPhones”¬†(Pike, 2016, p. 18)

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