Buiding a Super Highway in Missouri Is a Bad Idea
Buiding a Super Highway in Missouri Is a Bad Idea
Building a super (highway) in Missouri is a bad idea
Missouri legislators are planning to propose to spend $7 billion to rebuild Interstates highway 44 and 70 into an 8 lane superhighways across the state. Missouri legislators are concerning to as the Missouri taxpayers to fund this project with a 1 percent boost in sales taxes. This will be a terrible idea because the poor would pay the greatest percentage of the sales taxes. Big trucks and buses, which have done so much to chew up the roadbeds and bridges, would by no increased share of the tax burden to rebuild the roads. The tax rate already exceeds 8 percent in some parts of Missouri. In the St. Louis, metro area the city generates about 40 percent of the state’s sales tax and 44 percent of income taxes. During a good year, the city will receive 30 percent of the state’s highway spending.

The proposed highway construction would start in Eureka on I-44 and Lake Saint Louis on I-70. The two major interstates are in desperate repairs, interstate 70 built in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and the highway is reaching the point where roadbeds will need to replace. Missouri Department of Transportation will abandon the current I-70 roadbed and build a completely new highway adjacent to it. There would be more than 500 overpasses and bridges demolished and rebuilt.

There are very few highways in the United States with more than four lanes out in the countryside. Yet proponents tell us we need an eight-lane highway to connect us to Kansas City and Tulsa. The two men that are behind this plan

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