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Josh Sutliff 8/30 1st hour
On a beautiful hot and sunny Sunday morning Prithvi had just woken up from dreaming he had a dog, he soon realized that he doesnt have a dog. That made him sad so he ate his favorite food, ice cream. After he finished the ice cream he played some video games and surfed the World Wide Web. He fell asleep thinking of Japan, School started the next day.

Prithvi is in Japan and hes looking for something exciting to do and he comes across and old man sitting on a bench. Thinking that he has been around the block a few times, Prithvi asks, “excuse me sir, is there anything to do around here?” The old man replies, “Beep! Beep! Beep!” Prithvis alarm woke him up. This Monday he had to get up earlier then any Monday that summer because today school started. Prithvi caught the bus just in time. When he arrived at his first hour class, English, he kept looking at the clock, because he couldnt wait for Science.

When he got home from the first day of school he had so much homework, and it was only the first day! He listened to music while he did his homework. Once he finished with his homework he looked at the clock and it was eight Oclock, he realized that he had missed his favorite show, That 70s Show. Luckily he had set his Tivo to record it and he laughed through another episode of That 70s Show.

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