Essay title: Reparations
Due to the fact that many African-Americans cannot trace their genealogy back more than three generations, it would be extremely difficult to distinguish between those who are descended from Freemen and those descended from Slaves. “Slavery and discrimination of human beings is a terrible, inhumane practice and is something that should never be done, and should never have been done (Winbush).” The United States of America was one of the biggest practitioners of this injustice in the past and this is something that shall for all time tarnish the history of America. Slavery originates from the beginning of history and has since been abolished in American culture. According to Raymond Winbush, there are many people that feel that the memory of slavery should be paid in the form of reparations. They believe America today is completely responsible for the horrible lives that African-Americans had to face, and that all African-Americans should receive payment from the government. However, others feel that slavery isnt the problem of people today, black or white, and that no reparations need to be paid.

Everyone has their own point of view, and their own way of portraying the problem. Some choose to elaborate on the pain and sufferings of others and some choose to adhere to non-discriminate ideals that currently exist in society. Cutting through all emotion and fronts put up by both sides and by properly analyzing the issue, reparations for African American decedents of slaves would be a difficult issue to work through. There are many factors to way in.

“Forty acres and a mule” was what the U.S. government promised former black slaves during the Reconstruction Period, following the Civil War. That promise never came true and now, over a century later, the topic of reparations is still being heavily debated (Black Collegian).” Both sides of this story have such a great number of relevant and significant arguments that the issue of slave reparations could run in circles for years on end. Slavery was, and continues to be in some countries, a travesty of one man displaying power over another. “The torment and injuries endured by a single “inferior” race at the hands of a more dominant one are frightening, but should a completely new generation, one that had nothing to do with slavery, be held accountable for the actions of a generation over a hundred years ago(Winbush).” What good would an “Im sorry” and some money do in bringing an end to the tidal wave of racism that has washed across the Unites States since the countrys inception. “Any talk of slave reparations should be looked into carefully and all sides and weighed because the process of trying to find out who will be paid and who will be the ones paying has too many questions and not enough concrete answers (Millions for Reparations).” Payment of reparations will only open more wounds, and no one, white or black really wants to open up the flood

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