Edwin Watts
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Edwin Watts
Too often we see that stores have looked at everything expect at a logical routing and an environment that gives an experience to the customer. Experience means a visit that is memorable in many ways, it must be: Inviting, Stimulating and above all invigorating only then can you be successful.

As we know Edwin Watts is one of the must successful golf stores in the USA and in other parts of the world. This store offered anything you need to have a good and enjoyable golf round. They have from cloth, shoes, balls, golf accessories, clubs and a simulator so you can try the clubs you are interested and see if they are good for you.

This store has been in the industry for over 41 year and when it first started was with only $380 value in store equipment and today is one of the most biggest and trusted retailer in the industry. At the age of 22Edwin was head professional at a new course that opened in Fort Walton Beach in 1963. At that time, the standard was for the head pro to run the pro shop at the course, leading to his first introduction into the retail world.

This store is successful not only for all the stuff golf related you can found but also for the attentions and good care the employed give you. From the moment you entered the store you can see the large variety of equipment there. Also the store is very well organized so is easy to find what you are looking for. One of the Edwin store located in Port St Lucie west blv when you enter you can see all the golf club men on the right and on your left all men cloth also in the left back is all women cloth and club.

This store is very successful because it carries almost all the well known golf line like: titleist, Taylor-Made, Cobra, Nike, Srixon, Ping, Footjoy, Callaway, Cleveland and others. They also carry cloths as Nike, Cleveland, callaway, addidas and others. Their strategies are to sell and have cloth and club that professional use such as: Tiger Wood, Camilo Villega, Phil Milckleson and others.

Like I say in the second paragraph they have a simulator that you can try club you are interested in buying. They have demos such as the new Taylor-Made R11 driver, the Long Tommore driver from cobra, the 910 driver form Titleist and others. They also have a mini putting green so you can try and test the putters they offered. Besides selling new equipment they have an area that have used club for golfer that are looking for better prices.

Edwin Watts is a successful retail store because they are committed to their mission statement and they offered golfer what they need and want. They also take good care of their customer by offering them bonus, raffles and keeping in touch with them trough out email.

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