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The statute of limitation in New York State for medical malpractice action must be field with thirty months of the day the act occur or give cause to the injury. If it an foreign object left in a person the action must be field with in a year of the discovery of that object. New York does not limit damages in medical malpractice cases. In is illegal to practice with out a license in New York sate for health care professionals. It is require that health care workers competition a course of study in there field of which is determine by the board of regents. On successful completion of there of their study there are require to, sit a test and if successful they will receive a license.

For non professional health care a certificate is give Ex Nurses Aid home health aide medical assistance. A health professional may specialize in a field of study which he or she may have special interest. There is a General exam give given and with a passing grade the candidate will de issue a creditation certificate. Ex. IN the field of long term care register nurses can receive a creditation in Gerontology. This creditation means the candidate knowledge of nursing care and condition of the elderly.

Medical doctors can become board certified in several different felids. First they must be a M.D and take course in the field of study. Ex Plastic surges M.D must have several hours of clinical work in there field before they can become certified. There is containing education class that must heath care must complete each year for the renewal of their license and the special certification.

The processes of reporting complain of possible or suspecting professional abuse is via a 1800 hot line. New York State had a law that any nurse that is found suspected of malpractice misconduct as it relate to his or her linen or profession, must be reported to the office of profession miscomputed. These allegations are then investigated by there the city investigation

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