The Division and Sub Division of the Book of Mark
Essay Preview: The Division and Sub Division of the Book of Mark
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Section 1
Submitted by: Heather Reid
Group 2
While studying the book of Mark I discovered that there are 6 different divisions and 53 different sub-divisions in this book. The book of Mark gives a recollection of the life of Jesus Christ and His ministry from the disciple Marks point of view.

Preparation for Ministry (1:1-13)
Galilean Ministry (1:14- 7:23)
Retirement from Public ministry (7:24-9:50)
Parean Ministry (10:1-52)
Closing Ministry at Jerusalem (11:1-15:47)
6. The Resurrection; Post resurrection Appearances (16:1-20)
John Baptists office (1:1-8)
Jesus Baptized (1:9-11)
He is tempted (1:12-13)
Preacheth (1:14-15)
Calleth Peter and others (1:16-31)
Cureth many (1:32-45)
Christ followed by multitudes (2:1-2)
He healeth the palsy (2:3-13)
Calleth Levi, jusrtifieth himself for eating with publicans and sinners (2:14-17)
Excuseth His disciples for not fasting (2:18-28)
Christ healeth the withered hand (3:1-5)
The Pharisees conspire His Death (3:6-12)
He chooseth twelve apostles (3:13-21)
He confuteth the Pharisees blasphemy (3:22-35)
The parable of the sower (4:1-13)
The meaning thereof (4:14-25)
The seed growing secretly (4:26-41)
Christ casteth out the legion of devils (5:1-20)
Jairus suit for his daughter (5:21-24)
The bloody issue healed (5:25-43)
Christ is contempted by his own country men (6:1-15)
John Baptists imprisonment and death (6:16-56)
The Pharisees find fault with the disciples for eating with unwashen hands (7:1-37)
Christ feedeth the people miraculously (8:1-21)
He giveth a blind man his sight (8:22-38)
Jesus transfigured (9:2-10)
He instructeth His disciples concerning the coming of Elias (9:11-50)
Christ disputeth with

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