Math Graph Story
Essay title: Math Graph Story
Between study group, debate, and chess tournaments there wasnt much of a social scene around Winchester University in Omaha, Nebraska. The school year at this college was year round, but the students were given a 30 day summer vacation in July. The majority of the students went back home to visit their families during this time. But as juniors at the University Charles, Fredrick, and Stanley, all childhood buddies, decided it was time for a change and that they needed a little more spice in their life. Realizing that they were almost twenty-one and had never breached their comfort zone, they knew a road trip was in store.

As June came to an end the nearly grown men finished exams and planned to leave for their escapade the first day of July, also being the 1st day of break. They made a pact to keep the trip a secret until their return, for the main reason that their parents wouldnt approve. If their families had any question as to why hey werent coming home to visit, they would simply say they were staying at the University to get ahead on the following year. This would be a reasonable lie, because

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