Planning Your Visit to the Middle East
Assignment  1Course/Student Data                                                                     Name of the Course Instructor:Habeeb Ur RahimanCourse Code:MGT102Course Title:Principle of ManagementAcademic Year: 2017-18Semester:SecondCollege:Business Administration Department:Business ManagementProgram:ManagementAssignment No.  Assignment 1Name of Student:Hawra alsayed hadi Student I.D. :201710032CILOs Mapping/Mark Distribution No.Questions /Questions PartsMeasured CILOMaximum MarkMarks Awarded1Case StudiesB31023456Total Marks 10Feedback to Student :To be filled by the Student                                                                                                                To be filled by the Student    Self-Assessment (where applicable)Peer Assessment (where applicable)Maximum MarkMark AwardedMaximum MarkMark Awarded                                            Student’s Declaration

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