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Objective: Highly motivated, independent candidate looking for a challenging position.
Education: California State University, East Bay
Bachelor of Science in Finance, March 2006, Major GPA 3.25/4.0
M.S. in Accountancy, Fall 2007
Strong understanding of Cash Flow model
Created 14% annualized return on diversified portfolio including futures and options.
Proficiency in Capital Pricing Model and business valuation
Extensive coursework in capital budgeting

Excellent business education from accredited institution.

Good communication and writing skills; scored in 14 percentile in analytical writing segment on GMAT.

Strong understanding of MS Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Word.
Courses taken Include:
Investment Analysis Problems in corporate Finance
Financial Accounting Managerial Economics
Financial Markets and Services Business Calculus
Admin/Chiropractic Assistant, Life Chiropractic College West, Hayward, CA (6/04-Present)

Reconcile cash receipts and prepare bank deposits.


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