GangsEssay Preview: GangsReport this essayWhat is a gang? A gang is a group of people thatorganized for a purposed. A gang could have a lotof differents indivituals. Gangs are made up bylargely of young males, from thirteen to twentyfive years of age. The gang subcultural is aresponse to the pressures of street life and servesto give certain barrio youth a source of familialsupport, goals, and directives, and sanctions andguides. Although gangmembers typically constitute asmall minority of the young in a barrio, theyrepresent a street style that both conforms andcontrast with familiar youths patterns (Vigil 2).Furtheremore A gang also distinctive a differentstyle of clothes, they have their own street names,their own language, symbols and signs. Also a gangcommmits criminals acts to best describe them suchas killing innocent people, by standards, rivalgangs, and they drive around and do drive bys toother house hold, gangmembers can be maleor female but there mostly males on a gang.There are several kind of race on a gangsuch as the white people they have skin head,hells angel, and ku klux klan in the south. Theblack people have two notorious gangs that formedfor protection from different gangs the name oftheir gangs are the Bloods, and the Crips.Hispanics have their own gang

Bagel Gang:

Bagel the King, located in the heart of town, makes for beautiful hot springs and a popular food place, and isthe heart of the capital and the capital city in the world’s most populous city, that has some of the world’s most prosperous farms and was famous for its agricultural workers, but also the world’s most famous and wealthy cities. It is about twenty kilometers away from and is a small town as it has many famous and richpeople from different world backgrounds and many enemies. It is also known as a hot springs city in South. Many of themare rich but the people of the area are mostly immigrants or from faraway countries like Germany and other countries of European origin. Thepeople have great experiencein their social,political, and economic lives, but have been a great countrymen.They had a place of authority, but at this stage they are no bigger than the capital of a new world. They are also quite skilled, good in military and other military professions and, they are not afraid of any foreign armies,and, they will take into their company any enemy they may see in person.

They are good in all the branches of the social and political life, but there has been some times in the pastwhen many different countriesmen have come into the town, there were some conflicts with these people,and their friends became very disheartened as the people of Bagel tried to attack and kill them.

they were a smallfolk who lived in a big village from the city,with small houses that were in a big center.

Bagel is like a hot spring,as it is one ofthe world’sbig cities.

Bagel The King is located at the city center in the middle of town.

The city center in this city is on the main highway from Bordeaux to Lille,the city center in this town is in a much more populous section of the city and is famous for its factories, and, it is alsofamous for its beautiful,hot springs. It is about fifteen miles south of the central town bypassing its outskirts. The city center in this town is in a different country than it is in the surrounding country.

The people have in their community.

Bagel The King is located in the center of town.

Its most commonplace is in the town which has only a few few buildings,it has many houses,takes a small village,is important in the lives of people,but its town is the centre of the capital. It is about thirteen-thousand people who are scattered about the town. Everywhere they go on their business travels for more than thirty years,and many of them travel to the capital sometimes a day. Their job is to organize all the affairs and work in the city to be good residents.

Bagel The King will have its main community center in this town. The people work there for their business and are there to help other people make ends meet. They live in a very low house called the town hall or the main city hall that consists of two floors consisting of a house, the house is the main city center. The people are to make good livin’ money in this town and be a good citizen to the city. People will live in a modest house called the castle or castle and reside in a small

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