Consideration for Ethics and Diversity Proposal
Essay Preview: Consideration for Ethics and Diversity Proposal
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Consideration for Ethics and Diversity Proposal
Tina Plante
HRM 498
April 15, 2013
Dr. Aron Muse, DM
Consideration for Ethics and Diversity Proposal
For a company to achieve allegiance from their employees and confidence from their customers they must sustain ethical and diversity procedures. For the strategic HRM planning process to be successful we must address some ethical and diversity considerations. The ethical considerations that will be detailed are honesty and integrity; the diversity consideration is resistance to change. It will be shown why these considerations are important and recommendations for addressing these considerations.

Consideration for Ethics
Our company provides a service to the customer based on the value put in place by our founder. Both our employees and customers expect a high level of honesty and integrity from the employees and the company. With this being said, our customers need to know that the information they are providing us is secure and will not be used in any other manner. This would include personal information, payment account numbers, and policy details. Our employees need to know that the information that we are providing them is accurate and up to date. This would include changes to policy coverages, benefits, and the product they are servicing. Additionally, the employees want to know that their personal information such as pay, disciplinary actions, and mediations are kept confidential.

Consideration for Diversity
Within our company we take great pride in having a diverse workforce. Although we find that this has been successful for the most part, we have been finding there has been evidence of resistance to change. There are some employees that have been with us for many years that seem to be having difficulty accepting new ideas and causing a more difficult work environment. Situations like this can cause problems among the employees and reduce productivity.

When it comes to honesty and integrity there are many ways to make improvements. First we must ensure that all employees are aware of our commitment to integrity. This can be done by emphasizing integrity with our mission statement so that it provides our employees with an example of what we expect of them. Next we must establish and enforce firm policies for handling these issues. This would include appropriate warnings and even termination when called for. Finally, we must be a company that practices what they preach. This means that nobody is above the company guidelines. We all must set an example for

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