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Heinz has pursued global growth via market penetration and product/market development achieved principally via acquisition.
strategic alliance As part of the alliance, Heinz was to provide procurement, manufacturing, and logistics expertise, with Hain providing marketing, sales, and distribution services.

Heinz has financed its acquisition strategy principally via debt (currently approximately $5.6 billion) resulting in a total debt to equity ratio of 3.63, twice the industry average.

the divestiture
businesses in hyperinflationary countries
Key competitors include Kraft, Unilever, Sara Lee, Campbell Soup Company and Dole Food Company, Inc.
Because Heinz draws almost 17% of its revenues from food service operations (restaurants, stadiums, airports, etc.), the company has suffered more than most processed food firms from the after effects of September 11.

The increased popularity of salsa and other ethnic condiments as well as the lower cost structures for private label brands will threaten Heinzs market share.

Much of Heinzs acquisition growth has been in the frozen food segment
Quality improvements and convenient packaging are driving much of the growth and promise to make these products still more attractive in the future.
Key competitors in this industry segment (processed food industry) include Kraft, Kellog Company, ConAgra, General Mills, Unilever, Dole, and Sara Lee. The industry has experienced aggressive consolidation

. Continued consolidation in the grocery industry via the acquisition of niche players and the emergence of superstores and wholesale clubs will also exert downward pressure on prices.

The westernization of eating habits together with rising incomes in developing countries and the appeal of American brand names abroad should contribute to increased growth among U.S. processed food companies.

brand loyalty is eroding in all age groups
It removes businesses that have experienced negative trends

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