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The story is about two friends. Benjie a homosexual, and Mike. It talks about how Mike fell in love with Benjie and getting jealous of Mikes former girlfriend. Mike and Benjie were beginning to become close friends and talk a lot, usually Mike talks about his ex girlfriend Carmi. The story talks about how a friendship can sometimes lead to something more. In this case, Mike was a straight guy but the more he hung out with Benjie, he started to get closer with Benjie and became more intimate friends. In the story, it showed the character of gay people as very energetic, fun, “kikay” but sometimes they feel underappreciated and discriminated because of their gayness. Mike started to feel feelings he never felt before and he found it weird and hard to accept. But their relationship started to get more and more intimate, Benjie fell in love with Mike and he was unsure of Mikes feelings and was afraid to lose a great friend while Mike started to feel the same way but was now questioning his sexuality. The story proves that some homosexuals are afraid to come out because they feel that people have not accepted them yet, I believe that the gay people who are proud of who they are, wouldnt care of what other people think that they are sometimes daring but they are very confident and brave, and I admire them for that.

“Geyluv” by Honorio Bartolome de Dios

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