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As we watch the news every night and day we see the stories of animal abuse. The scary part is it happens in the homes of our community. The Cause of this violence being domestic or in entertainment is why people are blind to the affects it causes. It is not just the animals being affected, but those who care for the wounded and animal lovers like the S.P.C.A. The Delaware County Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals offers nine different services in an effort to deal with the problem. If it is not dealt with it could result in a decrease of domestic animal population. The abuse toward animals in the home started decades ago for many different reasons. The facts alone point out that animal abuse in the home is not only a big cause of their death, but also the violence towards humans. Therefore it is a potential problem to the welfare and health of the homes in our community. It affects the community in the odor of dead animals and the number of strays.

The Delaware County Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals nine services that help us solve this problem are adoption, lost animals, cruelty to Animals, animal rescue, animal population control, information center, lost and found, rabies clinic, and Humane education. The one of these nine services that I think focuses on animal abuse is the cruelty to animals combined with their rescue service, because it empowers them to act and investigate as well as prosecute those who abuse the animals. It also gives them the power to help those animals who have been injured due to the violence and abuse. If we all focused on donating our money to those who help abused animals it would limit the problem and a sense of helping others.

In an effort to help people like the S.P.C.A we can not only donate our money, but we can also work for an organization that helps abused animals, keep an eye on our community for animal abuse or the number of strays, report any noted animal abuse, take in strays from the street, or we could adopt a animal from one of the organizations helping abused animals. In considering

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