Perils of Obedience
Essay title: Perils of Obedience
Hell is the afterlife home for the sadistic and evil beings in this world. It’s
for the people considered spawns of the Devil himself. These people have committed atrocious crimes and will continue to, until death. But where do these people really come from? Most of us would never think out neighbour would be a cold blooded killer. On the person, you’re sitting next to right now, would kidnap you and torture you for their satanic pleasure. After reading Steven Milgram’s “Perils of Obedience” my views of where these people of evil come from, has changed.

Steven Milgram is a credited psychologist, who conducted a very interesting experiment. In several different places of the world, Milgram’s obedience experiment was performed. It’s quite simple; a number of different people were randomly selected to teach a stranger a series of word pairs. If the “learner” (a hired actor, to act in pain, when no real shock is given) got a pair wrong the “teacher” (the selected person and real subject of the experiment) would administer a shock to the learner. With each wrong answer the voltage would increase and be more ‘painful’ to the learner. The real object of the experiment is to see how obedient a common person when given outrageous order from an authority figure. Milgram’s observations were quite eye opening.

Milgram reports on many different subjects and their reactions to the experiment. He states that a good number of the subjects administered shocks until the learner sounded to be in a great deal of pain. He explains that not all the subjects reacted this way. He goes into great detail about on man, who administered the highest voltage possible and began to laugh, while the learner seemed to be in an enormous amount of pain. He describes another subject who go so mad that the learner ceased to cooperate, that he began to swear at the learner. This subject also

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