Sociology Research Paper
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What do I want to know?
The spread of AIDS/HIV has been increasing at an alarming rate even though we are more educated and more equipped to deal with this disease than we ever were. I would like to know why this is the case? Why even though the virus is so rampant have we not been able to find a cure? Could there be a political or economic answer to this question?

Why do I want to know?
AIDS/HIV has been given a lot of worldwide attention over the past few years but I still feel like more could and should be done if we really want to get more widespread results. People with AIDS/HIV are often discriminated against by their families and people as a whole, some are driven into depression and withdrawal which has numerous ill effects . Some are forced to quit their jobs which affects their economic stability, most importantly I just feel like governments worldwide could do even more to ensure that everyone is able to cope with the disease and hopefully in the very near

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