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The Crisis of Paine
Htoomyat ZeyarMs. ShevchukEnglish 11 Honors10/24/2017When you read two literatures do you ever notice anything they have in common or different? Two different literatures, written in different ways, yet they both have similarities and differences. I will compare the similarities and differences of two of the readings. The Speech of Patrick Henry and the essay of Thomas Paine, they have many similarities and differences but they were telling the same ideas, The Crisis is about to encourage the colonists to fight against British and the speech by Patrick Henry is to convincing President to launch a war against British.                Both readings are telling to different audience. The Crisis of Paine is telling to the soldiers and colonists however Henry is talking to the President. Paine is encouraging to the people and soldiers who are already in war to not step back and get together and fight but on the other hand, Henry is convincing President and his audience to make a decision to launch a war. Also Paine article is an essay and Henry is a speech The idea that Paine and Henry described were similar.  They both describe about freedom and liberty. Paine is telling that he believed that the colonist will win but the victory will not obtain easily. He’s also saying that all people should not be lazy and join the war. Paine is saying that some people will not stand up for their country and their freedom. He is saying that these times are going to test people out. The times are going to see who is really a true patriot and who is not. The former deserves our thanks and love while the latter deserve to be scorned. Likewise, Patrick is telling that there’s no time to wait and ceremony. He said we are about to ignore and shut our eyes to the fact the enemy is coming to us and we just think a siren as weak British and we are just looking them marching. He told the audience to aware that the British can turn to a beast and invade us so that we shouldn’t stay calm and launch a fight. Those two meaning are similar because one is forcing people to join the war and the other one is forcing to launch a war which is basically not to be stay in ease and be prepare.        Henry and Paine are using the same metaphor by comparing the British to evil or thieves however they used those devices differently. Henry is telling to President that Americans are not weak as the British think and the Americans need to prove it by launching a war and winning them. Three million people armed in and Henry thinks that they are invincible by any force of the enemy. He believed that they are not alone and God is there to stand upon the Americans and help them. He mentioned that there is no retreat and convincing the President to launch a war and he believed that the war in inevitable. He said there’s no peace. Henry showed his strong and forcing tone by saying the war needs to begin.  He said all of Americans brethren are already in war so that we shouldn’t stand anymore and fight for the sake of the people. He is strongly in forcing to war. His saying was give him liberty or give him death. Similarly, Paine is comparing the British as thieves and he is telling that they are stealing the Americans Freedom.  He said if a thief breaks in to a house and steal and destroy our property, why we should stay calm and suffer. Whether it is a king, or a countryman or a villain or an army of them, they can’t stay in ease and will going to fight them. Paine believed that no matter how strong are they, the Americans can beat them. He showed the anger by saying that the British are going to get punished for what they did and there’s no mercy for them. Both Paine and Henry are telling the same idea that colonist are not going to stay calm and they are going to win a victory over the British no matter how harshness they face. They are both comparing the war and British as a storm or the beast using metaphors but differently.

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