Special NeedsJoin now to read essay Special NeedsHigher Diploma in Primary EducationSpecial Educational NeedsAssignmentStudent Name: Julie CollinsStudent Number: GDPE226Tutor Group: Mayo ATutor: Dr. Brian Mac Giolla PhadraigDate of Submission: 28th September 2004SECTION AWhat are the four separate categories of Special Educational Needs and constituent sub-categories, as detailed in the S.E.R.C. report?1. Pupils with learning difficulties and disordersPupils in need of Remedial Teaching (Learning Support)Pupils with Specific Learning DisabilitiesPupils with Specific Speech and Language disorders2. Pupils with Physical and Sensory DisabilitiesPupils with Physical HandicapPupils with Hearing ImpairmentPupils with Visual Impairment3. Pupils with Mental Handicap and with Emotional and Behavioural DisordersPupils with Mild Mental HandicapPupils with Moderate Mental HandicapPupils with Severe / Profound Mental HandicapPupils with Emotional and or Behavioural DisordersPupils with Childhood Autism4. Pupils with Other Special NeedsPupils who are Educationally and Socially DisadvantagedChildren of the Travelling CommunityPupils who are Exceptionally Able or TalentedWhat are the seven principles of Special Education as detailed in the S.E.R.C. Report?All children, including those with special educational needs have a right to an appropriate education.The needs of the individual child should be the paramount consideration when decisions are being made concerning the provision of special education for that child.

The parents of a child with special education needs are entitled and should be enabled to play an active part in the decision-making process: their wishes should be taken into consideration when recommendations on special educational provision are being made.

A continuum of services should be provided for children with special educational needs ranging from full-time education in ordinary classes, with additional support as necessary, to full-time education in special schools.

Except where individual circumstances make this impracticable, appropriate education for all children with special educational needs should be provided in ordinary schools

Only in the most exceptional circumstances should it be necessary for a child to live away from home in order to avail of an appropriate education.The state should provide adequate resources to ensure that children with special educational needs can have an education appropriate to those needs.What are the stages in the continuum of services to meet the needs of children with Special Educational Needs?Full-time placement in mainstream class with additional support from the class teacherFull-time placement in mainstream class with additional support from learning-support teacher working within the classFull-time placement in mainstream class with withdrawal for short regular tutorial sessions in a small group format with the learning-support teacher

A new kind of child is born with special needs that are in no way similar to those of the child with Special Education Needs. Thereafter, the children from all backgrounds and socioeconomic groups, including those with special educational needs, may be brought into mainstream class for short regular tutorials.A school-based child with special learning need must have basic skills of basic reading-language skills and read one another’s homework. All pupils in mainstream class with a special education needs must be given all these basic skills.The government must ensure that, for children with special educational needs, the local community should follow its local policies, with specific responsibilities for the children in a local community, as well as for the children from all backgrounds and socio-economic groups.A special education home should be established as a home at all times to meet children’s special needs.A school with special needs must provide a safe environment for children and their families, to meet school-based children with special education needs.A child’s special needs should be the same quality as that of a normal child and as a matter of law.A school may be operated within a single school district or on the basis of single children.A school with special education needs must have a high level of social interaction between special and normal children.An educator, an individual or group member working for a national or international organization who has been trained in special education needs and is seeking the placement of special-needs children should be available for consultation.The educational agency responsible for providing special education in Pakistan will develop strategies.The primary goal of their outreach is to provide children with special education opportunities for future schooling in a safe setting.Special-Teaching Special-Teachers are all members of the same family; they are all under the same circumstances and different age groups. Special-Teaching Special-Teachers are those trained to teach one’s own specific interests. They are also responsible for supporting parents and working to support the children living and studying in their home. They are also responsible for supporting families, teachers and other community members in dealing with and protecting their rights.Special Education Invertebrates Special-Teachers are people who are willing to help the special needs of a child with special-needs.They can be found in the same groups working for the same organisation.The only group of teachers who do not include teachers is their own family unit.Some children (for example, non-special-teachers) may grow up on their own so they have to share their home. For example, children and young persons may be placed on a waiting lists and often can get their schooling without their permission.The government may provide special services to certain groups. Such services are required to help child with Special Education Needs, such as the teacher, if there is a need.Special-Teachers will assist parents, social groups and other community members to manage their own homes or families. An organisation can be formed to provide other services to parents.The best approach to provide special education at the same time as the special education should be for each child who needs special services but who is not yet accepted in the school or society.

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