Lifes Dreams
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you know when you have a dream of owning your own business or a partner in a business and all of your dreams just come crashing down right in front of your face, that is just how my dream has become. I had a partner that was not true to himself he just could not get things to come to his liking and starting lyin to others and to me now I know I can not trust him for nothing in the world I based my future on opening this company and now my dreams have come to a halt because of his lying i really need to let go but I have a special little person that I need to take care of and part of that special little person is a part of him. How do I get my dream to come true without his help I areally need him but I can not put up with all the lies. I have invested so much money to this company to try an get it open but he keeps bull shitting with things that it is not going too happen but you know just how much time and effort that i put into doing the right thing and you just dont get it I never did things that I have done for you to any other person but what do you get when your heart is in the right place and the other person heart is end the wrong place that is all he is worred about is him getting back on the road but that will never happen because he is not true to hisself or to me I believe that if he was true to himself then maybe we could open up this company and move on with what we have but he is not he just wants to get to be mister big thing. My dream will not come true because of him he has taken advantage of my kindness i really wanted to open up this business but without his intake on things I will lose my dream

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