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Special Education for Special Children
INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT                                SPECIAL EDUCATION                     LONG FORMAL REPORT                                                                         [pic 1] Submitted by: Rabia Fatima (18905)                            Muhammad Hamza (19302)                            Syed Shabbar Raza (18556)       Syed Muhammad Owais (18551)INTRODUCTION:BACKGROUNDSpecial education is the kind of education provided by specially designed schools to the students having special educational needs as a result of certain physical and mental disabilities. The disabilities may usually include communication disorders, emotional disorders, physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, behavioral disorders and learning disabilities. To help the students suffering from the any of the following disabilities, special schools require daily monitoring of the teaching procedures and the school environment to help the students groom, learn, grow and excel. Thier goal is to make them self-sufficient and skilled. With the provision of special education and skills to such students, the inferiority comlpexes of these students can be catered and it will also result in an overall increase in the productivity levels of an economy. This report tends to focus on the provision of special education in Pakistan.

PROBLEM OR PURPOSE:    The purpose of this report is to raise awareness for special education in Pakistan. The more the people will be aware of the need for special education, the more the standard of special education in Pakistan will rise. Students with disabilities will benefit a lot from an improved standard of special education. Students with special needs will be subject to careful assessment to determine their specific strengths and weaknesses. These students will be catered according to their individual needs and requirements. A better standard of education for these special students will build confidence in them. These children often look down upon themselves and think they are different from the normal ones. Proper education for these children will eliminate such thoughts and feelings and they will start developing self-confidence. The idea that they are no different than the normal children will help better their lives in an impactful way and will make a huge difference in their lives. But all this can only be achieved with effective and efficient special education facilities, which Pakistan lacks. Lack of proper facilities in institutes that provide education for special students result in these students facing a lot of problems. Teachers in some of these institutes do not have a positive attitude towards these children. Such students require special attention and care which these teachers fail to deliver. There is also a shortage of teachers who are willing to provide special education. Increased awareness will eliminate this problem too. Facilities other than education required by special students are also lacking in these institutes. Raising awareness on this issue will make the management of many institutes, providing special education across Pakistan, evaluate their standard and work on improving it.

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