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Treaty That Made America
Essay Preview: Treaty That Made America
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Treaty that made America Today
The Spanish American War changed Americas role in Latin America.If it wasnt for the Treaty of Paris America would not have claim of islands and colonies today. The war was a dramatic turning point for the America and Span. The date December 10,1898 being when everything turned around for Spain, everything taken from Spains hand and put into Americas.

Before the treaty of Paris was fully finished and ready to sign commissioners from the U.S. and Spain met in Paris to talk thoroughly about everything on October 1,1898. They were producing an ideal treaty that would end the six months of Spain and Americas battles for independence. The conference discussed Cuba and debt questions. One major problem concerned the situation of the philippines and Deweys victory. This marked the United States entry to the Pacific,America then paid 20 billion for the Philippines. The islands of Puerto Rico and Guam were under American Control. The Treaty of Paris was signed on December 10,1898.

The Spanish American War beginning in 1898 between America and Spain. Purpose of fighting was for Cuba to gain independence from the colonial rule of Spain. Tensions between the two countries lasting for months by early 1898. After the explosion and sinking of the U.S. Maine battleship gave the U.S. military a reason to join in Cuba.(Office of The Historian). The war ending with Americas defeat against Spain, America getting territorial claims in the Western Pacific and Latin America. Ending the conflicting between the two countries was the signing of the Treaty of Paris handing over all of Spains overseas holdings to America.

The war gave America control over the lands of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam, and the Philippines. This expanded the United States and gave it influential world power with its new overseas possessions.

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