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Southern Asia Pollution
January 22, 2013
Environmental News Network
With cold winter weather and an industrial economy, Southern Asias air has becoming increasingly polluted. In particular, Ankara, Tehran, Beijin, and more cities have reported low visibility, hazy skies, limits on driving, industry, and outdoor activities. In addition, more and more people with lung issues have been filling up their hospitals. The source of the pollution is from high concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, or NO2, in the atmosphere. The highest concentrations of this air pollution are located in Tehran in Iran, Northern India, the Persian Gulf, the eastern Mediterranean coast, and Istanbul, Turkey. NO2 is said to react with ammonia, moisture, and other components to create nitric acid vapor which serves as a risk to health.

This information is important because it brings to the surface the problems that our high uses of certain energy sources, like coal and oil, have brought upon. Not only is the air pollution harmful to the environment, it is harmful to the health of those living in it. This article serves as not only a report, but as a form of education since it is informing the public of the dangers of societys constant and overbearing use of specifically non-renewable energy sources. Proposed solutions to this are limits on driving and factory productivity. I believe that using energy sources sustainably and efficiently will help solve the problem of air pollution in the long run.

After reading this article, frankly, I feel like Im listening to a broken record. I have read articles about air pollution countless times. I feel that if the problems of air pollution keep occurring then why dont we do something about it? I know that its easier said than done and I know that efforts have been made; but when it becomes such a problem that the health of our populations and communities are being negatively affected, I believe that greater efforts need to be put forth to solve the problems of air pollution.

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