The Crito Written by Plato
Essay title: The Crito Written by Plato
In “The Crito” written by Plato, the philosopher, Socrates, has been accused by
the state of Athens and sentenced to death for his teachings that they thought were questionable.
Socrates does not argue about his sentence but agrees with it, he chooses to die because
he wants to do what he believes is right by not by not betraying the state and breaking his
implied contract.
Socrates said that one must listen to the few and not the many. The reason being is that he
always believed that the few had more knowledge and understanding than the many did. By
saying “the few” Socrates is referring to the state of Athens, he trusts their judgment because he
knows that the state knows the truth and will do what is right, “the many” on the other hand is
Crito and everybody else that wants Socrates to escape. They have the ability as well as the
power to accomplish the task of helping Socrates to break out, regardless Socrates will stick to
his decision.
Living the good life is something everyone wants to experience. Socrates was living the
good life and he was not about to throw it all out the window by escaping his prison. He lived
just and honorable by always doing the right things as well as staying true to himself. By
escaping he would fulfill the wishes of Crito and all of his followers who wish for his freedom,
but by doing that Socrates would be letting himself down by turning his back on all of his beliefs
and put a blemish on his good life.
Socrates believed that life is not worth living if the soul is corrupted. Having a soul that is
corrupted is a lot like not living at all, the physical body would turn evil and the higher part of
the man, his soul, would be destroyed. Socrates would rather die than to live having a corrupted
soul because not matter what, he would be dead in one way or another whether it be spiritually or
It is said that and eye for an eye will never solve anything, in Socrates case the same rule
applies to him. He believes that warding off evil with evil was not the way to go, by escaping the
prison he is causing an evil by breaking the law to solve another evil which is his death sentence
given to him by the Athenians. For the many if Socrates escapes that would be a great for them,
but in his mind he knows that it is wrong and he will end up doing evil to the Athenians.
The relationship that Socrates has with the gods plays a big part in his choice of dying
honorably. He knew that there was more than just the life that he is living right now, Socrates
believed in the afterlife and that it was where the higher authorities were, the people that will
judge him for the rest of his life. Everyone will eventually meet his or her maker and Socrates

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