Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros
Essay Preview: Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros
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Our society today has a lot of issues that one might say it is almost insecure of itself. People have become too conscious of their looks and how people perceive them that they almost already hide their true self from others. With this, plenty of issues have arisen such as the image of being fat, being poor, and being a loser, where all of which have just been claimed by society as wrong. But in our male-dominated world, one issue that has had a difficult time growing to be accepted is the issue of homosexuality.

Lets accept it; rarely does any part of our society embrace homosexuality for what it truly is. We can say that it is almost a lost dog in a world where crowd acceptance matters the most. This is why homosexuals are perceived so oddly on-screen. And this is just how the independent film Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros wants it not to be.

This movie isnt your typical.
What was different about the film was that it was in no way pretentious with presenting reality for what it really is. It did not exaggerate what was beautiful and hide what was not, as we can observe from start to end. From the opening to the closing of the movie, there is an open exposure of the filth and slums in the metro. The ins and outs were also shown by presenting the usual business of the people who live there. And this, I believe, is how the director approached Maxi, the homosexual.

People around him treated Maxi very differently from how the society really treats homosexuals. Normally, they are mistreated and disregarded, but with Maxi it was like everything was normal. And as the only “female” in the family, his brothers and father treated him as how they would have treated the woman of the house, with “tender loving care.” In him, people did not see the homosexual and his queer acts, but the love and care that he gives to them.

Director Aureaus Solitos brilliant and novel take on the topic of homosexuality is genuine that it holds the conventional “What if” situation to present a common case

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