Challenge of Defining a Single Muliticultural Education
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The Challenge of Defining a Single “Multicultural Education”
As stated in the first paragraph of this article, “Multicultural education has been transformed, refocused, reconceptualized, and in a constant state of evolution both in theory and in practice.” Multicultural education is always changing. Culture is something that changes on a day-to-day basis. The way our society changes is no ones hands, but our own.

Multicultural education can be something that is as simple as a change in the curriculum adding new and diverse materials (2nd paragraph). As the world changes our ability to learn should grow. New things happen every day and the only way we can grow from these things is to open our eyes and realize what is going on. Society tackles many different things each day and we never know whats going to happen until after it does. Entering new things into the curriculum based on current issues is a positive thing in my eyes. Adding to and enhancing the curriculum adds more knowledge to our multicultural views.

In the third paragraph of this article it states that, “Every student must have an equal opportunity to achieve to her or his full potential.” I agree with this statement fully. If a student is given the opportunity to put his or her all into their work then their work is at its potential. Many teachers prohibit this from happening by picking favorites and underestimating the ability of the quieter students. Many students are shy and don t participate as openly as others. When teachers just focus on those with their hands always up I think it hinders on the ability of those who sit back and observe, rather than speak out.

“Education must become fully student-centered and inclusive of the voices and experiences of the students.” (Paragraph 3, bullet 5) I believe this statement is also very true. If teachers would take the time to get to know their students and the experiences they have, they may be able to connect with their students on a more personal basis. Teachers and students arent personal enough with each other. I look at it like this, my education is in the hands of the persons classroom I walk into everyday. I would at least like to make myself known so my teachers can connect with me on a level and have an understanding of my learning capacity.

A Working Definition Of Multicultural Education
The underlying goal of multicultural education

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