Life Is Hard
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life is hard when youre in high school. There are many things that you have to juggle, like school, homework, and extracirruicular activites. And then teachers expect you to do all of this while taking 3 AP classes and be captian of a sports team and just life in general. Then theres the parents who expect you to get As and anything less than that is absolutely horrible. To add to that you have to get good grades and SAT and ACT scores so you can get accepted into the college of your dreams! No wonder there are so many kids that have depression or take pills to stay up all night to finish homework! its not our problem its societies problem, and possibly the governments which tells you how many hours and days of school that you must attend. Then theres also the blame to be put on the student if they dont manage their time well. But excuse me for wanting to have a life and enjoy my high school experience. Youre only young once! Its just really annoying that I in particular have to be an over achiever and take 3 AP classes the rest Pre-Ap with only one regular class ( thank goodness) and be captian of my team and have a 3.6 GPA and want to get a sports scholarship.i need to take a break really really badly. In fact im even writing this paper so that i can get notes on a book i need for school which i am skipping my first 2 periods just to get character summaries done. And this paper is just a release of all my anger that has been pent up inside of me for a couple weeks now and i have to write this paper just to get the notes. so i thought it would be fun to do this even though it is definetly wasting my time i have before my very important class that i am trying to get notes on now.

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