Introduction to Social Behavior
Hello Everyone!My name is Sharen Torrence. I am from Ohio, and have gradually made my way to Atlanta Georgia. I have received my undergraduate degree from Old Dominion University and I have a Masters in Social Work, and as you can see I am now on track to receiving my MBA. My concentration is Healthcare Administration. What I inspired me to get into this was my inability to affect change on the service side of healthcare. Being a social worker you see a lot with dealing with people in general. I encounter a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, financial class,,etc. What I have found is that personalities and personal experience have a lot to do with why people do what they do and why they are the way they are. Some things that I have noticed with working with coworker are those who come from more sheltered backgrounds tend to become stressed over the most trivial of things and those coming a background of trauma, tended to be more realistic with the expectation that they have of themselves and others in the workplace. If someone lacks the drive and motivation they are not going to perform the same as someone who are more driven and work oriented. I have also noticed that those who are more aggressive can be viewed and can be bullies in the workplace. According to Diane H. Sonnenwald (2016) that is more of an issue when dealing with personalities that are more on the narcissistic side of things.

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