How Lauren May Have Learned of Her Fear of Flying?
Essay Preview: How Lauren May Have Learned of Her Fear of Flying?
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My name is Leah Marie Hunter. As of June 1, 2006, I will be going back to my maiden name of Ahrens. I was born on May 31, 1973, which puts me right at 32. I was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana which, thankfully, I was not raised there. I really have nothing against Yankees; it is just I like the culture better in the South. We are so much more hospitable down here, for the most part. I have lived, mostly, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. No matter how many times I have moved away, from here, I have always found myself coming back.

I grew up around a very tight knit family. Which means, most of the time, we did activities together. My parents are Sharon and Stephen Ahrens. They are not of retirement age yet but soon will in the next couple of years or less. Right now, they are renting a place in Destin but have recently bought a place in Opp, Alabama. My older brother is Javan. His wife is Alicia along with three children named Jonathan, Zhavon, and Devin. Javan is four years older than I am. Alicia is one year older than Javan. Jonathan is 17, Zhavon is 11, and Devin is eight. My younger brother is Jared. His wifes name is Jessica. They have two kids named Zachary and Alexandra. I am 3 years older than Jared and Jessica, and their kids are seven and four.

My personal family is only of two. My daughter Bianca is two years old; actually, she is 25 months to be more accurate. She is a very wonderful individual and I am privilege to know her much less be her mother. I have been married twice; Bianca came from the second marriage. I do not mind being divorced because the man is insanely psychotic. Even though it is just my daughter and I, my parents, grandmother and brothers all live in the same county. It is nice to know that if you need something they can be there but they are far enough away to not getting on your nerves.

It is hard for me to relate to someone who has many friends. I have never been big on friendship. It has been hard to have them much less be able to keep them. I have moved around too much to stay in touch with the ones I know. Even still, they are not real close. Therefore, I would have to say that my family is my friends. I am one of those who enjoy just a few friends outside of family. Although, some may feel that this is stuck up but this is not really the case. I am not a very social person and I, truly, have to force myself everyday to be social. The friends that I do have are ones who I can trust with anything and that is very comforting.

I graduated in 1992 at Crestview High School in Crestview, Florida. I must

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