Sociological Investigation
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Statement of the Problem:
In the United States the rate of high school dropout are high, dropping out of school is the direct result of strain caused by social institution that are within the social structure.

Plan & Develop Research Design:
Create a survey
Interview various people who know or who has been affect by been a high school dropout.
The social structure are the legs on which our society stand on, it houses the institution that our society is based on. The institution which includes: Political, Economic, Family, Media, and Education. What will be discussed here is the effect that economic and political institutions have on the urban student attempting to gain an education. In some cases it is no really race but more of economic status. Let’s begin with reason for student dropouts of school. First, with the home life commonly experienced by a student that lives in a low income environment. Student who go to school, in the urban setting usually have a disadvantages then student in a surban setting. Second, the teachers unfortunately get set in a mindset that teaching is just a paycheck. I have witness teachers tell students they are unconcerned if the student learn or doesn’t because they are getting paid regardless. It is attitudes like this that cause the student to drop out because they feel as though the teacher are not the motivating for in the quest for knowledge that the student embark on when they go to school. Another strain on student and what cause them to dropout are jobs. They might have stop going to school so they can work to help with the parents struggle in keep the house financially functioning. In today’s society these are the driving forces in everyday live and urban students has one strike against them because of this.

Other reason shows that males are more likely to dropout then females. Researcher show reasons range from gangs involvement. The most common answer given when males are asked why they dropout out school is they had to start working so they could help their mother with the bills, especially if they were from a single parent home. A reason that is not often admitted by male student. The economic institution has been labeled as the leading strain on the high school student, however there

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