Social Entrepreneurship
Taking Social Entrepreneurship Seriously is an article very well written by J. Gregoryt Dees. It covers the idea of social entrepreneurship has a long history that is hidden under different names and different trends covering. In the United Kingdom, social entrepreneurship is seen as an organizational activity that is neither part of the public sector or the private sector. Organizations using the logic of social entrepreneurship often combine social and economic missions and are considered hybrid organizations. They originate from the legacy of philanthropic and mutual visions that go back more than three centuries. A good example of “mutual organization” would be a consumer cooperative or workers. Such organizations were not created for private gain but some other companies were owned and / or working in partnership with the Government in particular projects, such as maintenance. You can also connect with social entrepreneurship for the public improvements.

The U.S. approach attaches great importance to the potential for transformation and innovation of the entrepreneur. This approach is commonly represented by the American Foundation Ashoka social entrepreneur who is primarily a “Change maker”. The European approach gives greater importance to the social project of the company, its participatory governance and supervision of its profit orientation. , the decline in public funding to the social and solidarity economy (SSE) which is part of social entrepreneurship, the strong heterogeneity of the ESS and the growth of social needs gradually bring the concept of social entrepreneurship to embody a new social and economic model. The creation of the Movement of Social Entrepreneurs, subject to great controversy, aims to address these three challenges by bringing together social entrepreneurs around concrete projects and actions identified as carriers and to promote the political solutions

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