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The Handicapped World
The law shouldnt take equality to the extreme. In the short story “Harrison Bergeron,” the author, Kurt Vonnegut, is talking about equality and its consequences. In other words the author is saying the extreme of this story is ugly ballerinas should wear masks and all the smart people should dumb themselves down and wear handicaps to be equal to everyone! The handicaps in this story are little electronic devises that you put in your ear and the government insists that you wear them all the time! People who had more intelligence would receive a sharp, but loud noise every twenty seconds to make people like George and Hazel with more intelligence to not think about things and take unfair advantage with their brains. So no one can be more beautiful, smarter, or more normal.

The ballerinas in this story strongly disagree with what this story is about. It makes no sense in making perfectly intelligence people dumb, or
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beautiful people ugly just because one person doesnt fit in the crowd. As the author wrote, “And George, while his intelligence was way above normal, had a little mental-handicap radio in his ear”(Vonnegut 167). Equality does have its ups, but lots of downs too! Some of its ups would be no crime, no jealousy, no hate just perfect people. The downs for that is; there would not be a lot of jobs because everyone is just as smart and good at things as everyone else. There would be no fights, no individuality or differences from people. If people have no one to set trends, no one to tell people how smart or dumb people are, no one will do anything and always wear the same clothes as everyone else so, no one stands out!

If the world started

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