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Edward Burney Jr
Eng 3010
An Exciting Day at the Office
Being a weather observer at Metro Airport you get bored very quickly. For eight hours out of the day there is absolutely nothing to do, there is no excitement, or anything for that matter. The most excitement that I have had is when I glanced out of the window and saw a lot of interesting things. Out of that window I saw:

Five Northwest airplanes planes patiently waiting their turn to take off into the sky.
Small white trucks transporting luggage and other cargo back and forth along the runway.
Four planes already in the air and headed to their final destinations.
A numerous amount of buildings, small and large, being occupied by a vast amount of people.
Several water puddles, on top of those buildings, from the snow that was there days before.
Hotel after hotel ready to fill its room with guests that may come.
Miles and miles of cars driving to their respective places.
Even more rental cars waiting to be driven off of their respective car lots.
A bluish pink that is almost empty except for the four planes that semi-fill it.
A small a number of mechanics, working on the planes, ensuring the planes safety
Airplane hangers, both empty and full.
Small red, yellow, and blue lights that line the runway, like Christmas lights along a paved sidewalk.

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