Secrecy and Deception
Essay Preview: Secrecy and Deception
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Secrecy and Deception
When it comes to secrecy and deception I believe in most situations it is not okay. It usually goes too far and someone ends up getting hurt. If you are hiding something that could have a bad effect on yourself or someone else then I think that is taking it too far. For example, if one of your friends stole something and you were supposed to cover it up for them, you shouldnt do that because it could have a bad outcome. There are also small white lies and, depending on the situation, those can be okay. Such as telling someone you like their hair or clothes when you really dont. Still you have to be careful because those small white lies can sometimes be taken too far, and some people start lying about bigger things after that one small act of deception. One of my friends was going to a party one weekend and lied to her parents saying, “I am going to Carissas house to hangout and stay the night.” But she was actually going to the party without their permission. They ended up finding out and not only did she get in trouble for lying, I also got in trouble for knowing that she lied and for not telling my mom. If she would have just asked instead of being deceitful we wouldnt have gotten in trouble. Therefore my opinion is that being deceptive is usually never okay because one lie just leads to another.

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