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A potter and his wheel. As the clay spins on the wheel, the potter molds it until a masterpiece is made. Such is ones life in this world. As the world goes round, the people one meets and the experiences he has shapes him. My surroundings, experiences and society itself has had a large part in making me who I am today. My goals, dreams and aspirations have all been a part of this process as the world chips away at me. The two greatest influences in my life, I feel, have been my family and the places Ive visited.

Stretched out from the Glaciers of Canada, to the Deserts of Arabia, to the Beaches of California, to the bumbling cities of India my parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents and my cousins, including one who according to my parents is my ninth cousin once removed, my family is truly extended. My family has always supported me in whatsoever I have chosen to do. My parents bought me into this world and with the help of the rest of my family guided me on all the right paths of life. Though they may seem overbearing at times I would not trade my Family for anything.

Of all my family though the ones most important to me are my parents. They could have decided, like so many other couples, to not have any children, but they did and here I am. My parents were my first role models. At first I wanted to be, as my mother was, a nurse. It is this belief that I believe has evolved into my career choice of a doctor. My parents are the ones who instilled in me the morals that I have today. My parents were and still are my mentors and I wouldnt trade them for the world.

They helped me every step of the way, taught me my morals, and gave me their love, and guided me on the short path that has been my life. They are my all and are worth more to me than anything. Without my family I would not be the person I am today. For all that they have done for me, all they have given up for me, I hope I can repay them someday as it is they who molded me into the diamond (I hope) that I am today.

An anonymous yet certainly wise man once said “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” From the vast metropolis in the Arabian peninsula, to the a small village-town on the Indian subcontinent, to a small farming town in the San Joaquin county and now finally at a prosperous town in the Sacramento county, moving through various lines of languages, of religions, of customs, and behaviors, my life has been full of changes. Through all these changes what I have prided myself on has been my adaptability and my ability to respond and deal with changes that come my way.

Born and raised in Dubai in a middle class family I was only three years, the dreadful age at which naughty kids were sent away to the land where all first come in touch with an authority figure who the kind of tone our esteemed Governor used in Kindergarten Cop, laden with sarcasm, though I wouldnt have known what that was until I was about nine, with kids who would incite you to cause trouble and then abandon you to your doom if caught. I am proud to say I got into trouble on the very first

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