Logical and Physical Network Design
Essay Preview: Logical and Physical Network Design
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Hi everyone, my name is Randi Griffin. I live on St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. Now I know what you are thinking: I live in paradise, so my life must be cake. Well, it is not. I am a wife, mother, and business owner. I am also very involved with my church. It does not matter that I live here, life is still life, its just a lot warmer than it is in the states.

My primary email address is [email protected]; my secondary email address is [email protected].
My work and home phone are the same: (340) 772-6049. That is my fax number, also. My cell# is (340) 513-9534.
I went to college for three years at Salem State College in Massachusetts. My major was Computer Science. It was a blast. My professors and fellow classmates were awesome. We had a lot of fun. It was a small school, and a small CS department consisting of 3 professors and about 20 students. Luckily, most of my classmates were in my math courses, too. They were tough.

I learned how to program with ADA. It is a military computer program and very robust. Most people consider it outdated because its not as risky and powerful as C++, but when it comes to military programming, I think the language had better be idiot-proof. It was a great learning tool, although I here that SSC has now switched to Java for the primary learning language.

What I learned in SSC was a lot of mathematics and logic and how mathematics and logic applies to computer software. I learned how to build applications, and how systems and the SDLC work.

A lot of what I am learning at UOP is repetitive of what I learned at SSC. My family and I moved to the VI in the beginning of my senior year at SSC, and I didnt return to higher learning for two years after we moved. I felt I was out of the loop, so I decided that it was best to repeat the classes I took at SSC to bring myself up to speed. I am glad I did, because this is when I learned Java, Microsoft Project, Access and SQL Server. Ive touched a little bit on networking at SSC, but never in the detail that was

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