A Rewriting of Moll Flander’s Prison Scene
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The Adventures of Jemy, who was born in London and lived for Fourscore Years, was 30 years a Highwayman, Married a Woman who Deceived Him and Whom he Deceived, later was Transported as a Felon to Virginia, Remarried the Same Woman, and Repentant. Taken from his Journals.

I was strolling in the press-yard, contemplating the rumors I had heard of a Mrs. Flanders who was to send me to the gallows to save her own neck. Certainly, this did not seem delightful to me but, in a way, I was happy to have the rotten life of a highway man behind me. No longer would I have to constantly look over my shoulder, fearing I should be captured; and, since this Mrs. Flanders was to come out against me I no longer had any question of my fate. For the first time in many years I knew for certain what was to happen tomorrow and what my fate would be and while I certainly would like it to be better, there was comfort in knowing my future.

My contemplations were interrupted by a woman whose features were indiscernible due to a hood that covered up most of her face. Could this be the Mrs. Flanders that had sold me out and I had wanted to see so badly? The woman asked if she could speak with me privately, to which I replied in the affirmative as civilly as a man in my circumstances could.

I then led her to a small room and, as soon as she shut the door, she threw off her hood, burst into tears and cried “Dear, don’t you recognize me?” Although the room was poorly illuminated, for a single candle was its only light source, there could be no mistaking the face of my Lancashire wife. Seeing her face

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