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Kava is a small island country in the South Pacific. Kava has been plagued with unfortunate circumstances that have brought about one disaster after another. Paradise I imaged quickly changed with images of dirty streets and poor conditions all the way to our company’s office. I learned Kava is threatened by several natural disasters and in desperate need of outside business. Majority of people located in Kava are under the age of 15 years old. Kava is an ethnic melting pot of indigenous South Pacific tribes, oriental, African, French, Spanish, and Americans. 50% of the people in Kava are of indigenous religions with a mixture of English, Spanish and French dividing up the remaining amount. After further investigation the focus in Kava is now addressed towards the education and awareness of AIDS as well as providing a telecommunication service to educate the public in general. Providing a model to address the issues at hand is the focus of this paper inclusive of a decision-making techniques and a proposed model for a solution to make a better presence in Kava.

The country is in dire need of some help and aid in the situation of getting the country cleaned up and on its way to recovery. My job is to see what I can do as a part of the Corporation to help this country recover and continue on a path of growth and success.

The first week was overwhelm in a epigrammatic introduction to Raytheon Company, human resource procedures, organization processes, and an summary of the country in which she had been consigned, Kava, an island in the South Pacific, and making flight arrangements to get her there. Not all tropical destinations are viewed as paradise. One such place is the island of Kava. Kava is an island country located in the South Pacific that is going through difficult times. Capital is determining how it will play a role in rebuilding this disaster stricken place. This essay will focus on identifying the problems and define strategic objectives and criteria as well as evaluate the effects of Capital possible involvement in Kava.

The economy of Kava is a mixture of commodity and service. Petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices. The country that is in dire need of some help and aid in the situation of getting

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