Essay on Hype
Advertisements are everywhere. Can we ever get a minute away from these advertisements to think for ourselves?
There are hundreds of thousands of T.V commercials. No matter where you go advertisements follow you. Millions of radio commercials and billions of display ads. Where do we hide? These advertisements can get pretty annoying and smothering.

Topic Sentence
You can be driving and suddenly get distracted by these colorful billboards. Going to a supermarket gets frustrating because your bombarded with these different little advertisements that claim one product is better than the other. People dont realize how many advertisements are out there until you actually start thinking about it and counting them which we cant even do because our minds are fogged with poisonous messages.

Personal experience
I went on a small getaway recently and as we are driving there are billboards on each side one after the other with bands and hotel advertisements you couldnt even get a 5 minute break between these things. As I was pumping gas I had a little T.V over my head telling me to apply for a Sunoco credit card because it will “save me money developing points” blah blah . What happened to saving the old fashioned way huh? You go to the supermarket and try to slide your toddler into the shopping cart but suddenly you get distracted by these mini monitor with flashy lights.


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