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Rationale of the Study        The sale personal care products in the country got an 11% growth which indicates that the locals give much importance to the wellness of their physical bodies. It also states that the customers’ mindset is to invest more on things that would help them boost their confidence. Customers also spend more on things that solve health issues and one of the main health issues in the country is having a sleep disorder. According to Philippine Daily Inquirer, most people that are experiencing sleep deprivation in Asia are the Filipinos and having sleep disorder can lead to life threatening sickness such as heart disease, depression and hypertension. This results to the increasing demand for sleeping aids in the country.         Since sleep deprivation results to major illness and it negatively affects people’s way of thinking, working, reasoning and relationship with other people, the company came up with the idea of creating a product that will help people solve this problem but is new and in a unique way. Some people are not using sleeping aid that contains melatonin as it produces harmful side effects. The company decided to use alternative ingredients which are organic to treat sleep disorder.         Merging the effects of skin care and sleeping aid products together will attract consumers who are looking for alternative solutions for sleep disorder. These customers are the ones who are not comfortable in taking dietary supplement capsules due to fear of negative effects in the body. This will open a new way of helping people solve sleep disorder by also having the effects of what a skin care product can normally do.        Skin Magic FX proposes a product that can help prevent further damages to one’s internal system due to sleep deprivation and a product that takes care of skin at the same time. Customers will also enjoy the benefit of natural ingredients such as passion fruit extract and beeswax and be able to use it at their own choice of time.

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