Since Ive taken world religions I found religion very fascinating. It seems that religion plays roles in every society. I remember a classmate could not participate in sex-ed because of their religion.

The religion during the slavery era was both visible and invisible. Regular Sunday worship in the local church was paralleled by illicit, or informal, prayer meetings on weeknights in the slave cabins.

Preachers allowed by the church and hired by the master were supplied by slave preachers licensed only by the spirit. Texts from the Bible, which most slaves could not read, were illustrated by verses from the religious. Slaves forbidden by masters to attend church or even pray risked punishments. Many slaves attended these secret gathers to worship god despite what could happen. Many slaves who were caught faced severe punishment for attending these secret gatherings.

Many slaves did not give up they found religion important, they would find several techniques to avoid detection of their meetings. One practice was to meet in secluded places: woods, gullies, ravines, and thickets, these places were known as “hush harbors”

Many slaveholders granted their slaves permission to attend church, and some did not care and encouraged religious meetings among the slaves. The annual revival meetings were social occasions for blacks as well as for whites. Masters were known to enjoy the singing, praying, and preaching to their slaves.

I find it sad how some families were separated. Families of enslaved African Americans resemble other families in other times and places. I can imagine many husbands and wives loving each other, and others not getting along, just like every epoch. Children were obedient to their parents rules to prevent separation, but theres always that trouble maker who decide to follow their own mind. Like every parent, Im certain, they loved their

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