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Reading comprehension is undoubtedly one of the most difficult obstacles when its comes to reading. In English Composition it will be extremely important to understand what one is reading in order to succeed. Whether it is an essay assignment paper from the professor or a five hundred page core book, it is imperative to understand the content in order to participate and succeed in the class. One of the best ways to go about this way is to constantly connect and with the reading. Writing down your thoughts on the reading is a great way to communicate with the reading. To simply annotate a reading encourages you to read actively which allows you to become more immersed and involved in the reading. This in turn will allow you to grasp the main concepts and large details of the reading. If this is an assignment paper, annotating will point out the questions and ideas that you have to discuss or answer. By communicating with a book, you will be able to grasp important things in the text such as themes and have references points to refer to during class. Because English Composition 3 is discussion and participation driven class, it is critical for you to speak up in class during discussions. By annotating the text with sticky notes or writing in the margins, you will be at an advantage when you can refer to a specific portion of a text in a timely manner.

Ultimately, the skill of communication has benefits that extends much further than the scope of English Composition 3. By building your capacity to communicate in general, your opportunities to succeed beyond English Composition 3 grows. Take for example one of the immediate paths college graduates take, entering the workforce. One of the most important factors in getting a job offer is the interview. During this time, you will be required to answer questions posed by your employer in way that makes yourself a desirable candidate. If you do not have proper communication skills, why would an employer want to hire someone that can not report their findings or problems?

At the heart of many things, the skill of communicating is extremely important. It is not just limited to when you are reading or writing. Communication with people helps you express personally, your feelings and thoughts. Communication with electronics allows you to reach out to many people that you would not of been able to otherwise. Without this many things simply would not exist. Like “talking” to a book about questions you have and discovering hidden meanings in the book, talking and exchanging ideas with other people can create innovation. It is exactly what creates many of the things we do. If you can communicate with others and collaborate in an efficient manner, the possibilities are endless.

UCLA offers many different resources to help you excel in English Composition 3 but you must be willing to actively utilize them. The UCLA Writing Center is probably the most helpful resource for

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