Mastering the Skill Called Poker
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Mastering the Skill Called Poker
A certain skill that all people should take the time to master in their lifetime is the skill of Poker. Some people claim that learning the skill of Poker is only in support of playing a game; others would disagree. If Poker was just a game, more people would play it. But since Poker is a skill, most people never learn the skill because they never take the time to learn the skill for their own reasons despite the many advantages gained from learning it. The advantages that come with learning the skill of Poker include learning critical thinking, analyzing odds, learning mathematical probabilities, networking with various people from various walks of life and learning to balance risk versus reward. All these advantages combined can be broken down even further by looking at elements that come in to play while learning the skill.

Poker is a skill based upon various games played around the early 1800s. No one knows Pokers true origins; it still encompasses many other elements that make up this one skill that teaches certain necessities of life. These necessities include technical skills, intangible skills, and soft skills. Technical skills would include picking good starting hand selection, reading hands and learning probability and odds. Intangible skills would include learning the discipline to stay within means, handling pressure, keeping emotions in check and learning to keep a balanced life. Soft skills would include learning how to read reactions of other players, gauging the skill level of other players and playing the other players versus playing the cards dealt.

Poker, viewed as a game only, comes in many forms. These different versions offer new ways of thinking to individuals interested in learning new skills associated with them. There are versions that go by names such as Stud, Razz, Lowball, the famous televised version No Limit Texas Holdem, Omaha, Pineapple Holdem, Draw Poker, Badugi, and Chinese Poker. Each of these versions of Poker entail its own rules but each still requires the skill necessary to reach the best conclusion which is to win the pot of money at the end of each hand. Even though winning is the best conclusion to each hand it is still not the essence of Poker. The true goal of Poker is to make the right decisions. If a person makes enough right decisions while in a game, maximization of profits is realized with minimization of losses. Each of the versions listed above opens the doors to new ways of thinking for a person.

Sure, most people play Poker with friends, relatives, or even in casinos as a way to have fun and relax; others do not. Since Poker is a skill, some people have dedicated their lives to learning the skill

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