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Simple apprehension is the first act of the intellect that involves the use of the perceptual powers of man in impressing the presence of an object through memory.

Simple apprehension is where knowledge begins since it consists in forming ideas from perceptual inputs.
It does not affirm or deny the object, rather it merely seeks to represent the object as an idea and express it semantically as a term or symbol.
* An idea is formed through the abstraction of the perceptual data given by the senses.
* Abstraction occurs as a “stripping” of the essential properties of a perceived object.
In this act the mind merely absorbs the essential characteristics of the thing or entity in question without affirming or denying (judging) it. * This process is called abstraction.

Abstraction occurs as a derivation of the essential characteristics of an object.
* Aristotlean and Thomistic philosophy would insist that these abstract characteristics of a thing is inherent within the object itself.
Through the application of the rational faculties of man, one is able to draw forth these essential qualities.
What is this thing?
One of the ways in which one is able to understand the abstract quality of a thing is to know its use.
Through our senses we are able to investigate this.
* Aristotlean philosophy would call the “thing-ness” of the object as its “soul” or its “form.”
Are these objects essentially the same?
What makes them different In this exercise we realize that an object under perception, in turn becomes an idea.
* In abstracting an idea, we classify the idea by its essential qualities and distinguish them from their nonessential qualities.
Also, in the acquisition of the idea, we make use of terms that would signify the idea for the sake of communication.
* In doing so, we reduce the idea only to the level of the abstract or the essential.
Logical Properties of Ideas/Terms
Properties of an Idea/
* Comprehension – the sum total of the essential attributes or thought elements that constitutes the idea/term.
* Extension – The sum-total of all the individuals in which an essence

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