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Essay — To Kill a Mocking Bird
Being a sibling is not any ordinary task, at some points you believe that you hate your brother or sister, and then when you really think about it, what would you do if they were not there? You see this in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mocking Bird. Atticus and Jem both have similar relationships with their sisters, they both prefer to take control and believe that their choice is best. Then again, Alexandra and Scout want their brothers to be happy but avoid getting in their way, and in the end, the sisters want to be the ones in control. These girls and boys are close enough to be friends over siblings, they all watch out for each other, and most important, the relationship between the younger siblings and the older siblings.

Scout and Jem have a very close relationship, just as Alexandra and Atticus. They are always together. Instead of hanging around with their own friends they have fun and like to play with each other, with the occasional company of Dill. These two siblings are more of friends then they are brother and sister. It’s a definite possibility that Atticus and Alexandra we’re a lot like Jem and Scout when they were kids. You can tell by how they talk and react with each other. Now these two couples might have a lot of similarities in their relation, but they also have their differences. Atticus and Alexandra’s relationship is a little different then the one of Jem and Scout. You can really tell that they grew up, Scout and Jem are still very young. Atticus and Alex don’t have the same connection as they probably used to have. They went through a lot and have lots of memories, but now they are old and ready to retire from all the adventures.

You can tell in the story that each sibling cares deeply about the other. Scout cares a lot about Jem, you can tell by how she lets him grow up and not get in his way even when deep down she wants to bug him on and on so he would play with her. And Jem, he cares deeply about Scout, and you know that because he’s always watching out for her. For example, whenever they are near Boo Radleys house, he always tells her to stay back and be careful even though he runs up and even touches the house. His care for Scout might have been because the death of their mother, Jem misses her a lot, and Scout unfortunately never had a relationship with her mother. Jem makes up for the

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