Marketing Plans for Robot Vacuum
Strengths:Time SaverThis is one of the most significant benefits of the V-bot. You don’t have to spend time and effort as a V-bot does all the cleaning by itself requiring no supervision.Self ChargingWhen the V-bot is done cleaning or once the charge is low, it automatically goes to the charging docking station to recharge itself. This means you don’t have to worry about low battery levels or keep checking when it needs to be rechargedWeakness:EmployeesEmployees leaving the company can affect the business if they go to our competitors with our product ideas and technology.CompetitionOur competitors who are selling their similar robotic vacuum for less than we are selling our V-bot for.Opportunities:Product ExpansionWhen we meet our expected sales / revenue we can expand our product offering by producing new lines of our product or even by expanding our current one.Online MarketWe can eventually start to sell the V-bot online and reach an even bigger market, making it easier for customers to get our product. Threats:Legal IssuesChanges in regulations and patent rights can drastically impact the business growth.Economic Slowdown (Recession)During an economic recession can really affect the customers buying habits. Customers usually think twice in economic recessions before spending on a high priced item.Social: Using the V-bot you will have extra time to yourself to socialize and Relax. In comparison to do the work by hand, Using the V-bot is involving more men and more younger members of the families, and women are abandoning traditional cleaning methods, while younger people found themselves cleaning more often.Demographic: Individuals belonging to the older generation are sometimes not comfortable with using the latest technology, but with the V-bot which is easy to use and cordless is for anyone and everyone.Economic: Even when in an economic recessions like we are in right now, can really affect  the buying habits of customers. People usually think twice in economic recessions before spending on new purchases but the V-bot is good investment because instead of paying a housekeeper / cleaner every monthly or even weekly, you can just buy the affordable V-bot once.Technology: Technology rapidly advancing and so is the use of technology in everyday household chores. One of the many qualities that set the V-bot aside from its competitors is it advancement in technology and how you can use your own smartphone to control the V-bot cleaner.

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